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Have an Idea?

Have an Idea? Need Invention Help?  Product Review?

Do you have the next, best “MILLION DOLLAR IDEA” but can’t quite figure out how to make money?!

We can help!

We were YOU!  

In 2003, we had an idea….. 

Today, we are Deltess Corp., a million dollar corporation, and that idea is supporting our families!  We left our jobs to do what we love.  We have learned how to take products from concept to market.  Each year we have expanded our business, increased our profitability, and developed growth opportunities.

The journey from idea to profitability was not an easy one.  In fact, we would have happily spent all the time and money we threw away on amateur mistakes, in exchange for the advice of someone who had successfully gone down the path before us. 

We appreciate that most inventors have limited resources or are reluctant to spend money upfront.   We cannot stress strongly enough that knowledge is power; and understanding the “how-to” is essential for profitability.  Without the vital information, you may find yourself one of another of the masses of people who walk into a store one day and say, “I can’t believe they’re selling this! I thought of that idea years ago!!”

Let us customize a plan to better your chances for success.  Drawing on our years of experience, and a vast network of resources (both domestic and abroad), we will work with you to develop a personalized, step-by-step plan.  With these strategies in place, you will have the knowledge to leverage your chances for success while minimizing your risk, saving time and money. 

We offer hourly consulting in the following areas of expertise: 

Invention Consultation

  • New idea evaluation
  • What to know about patents
  • Prototyping
  • Understanding new product pricing
    (Cost, WHSL, Retail)
  • Marketing, Sales
  • Tradeshow Navigation

Global Sourcing

  •  Manufacturing selection

Import / Warehousing / Logistics

  • Freight forwarding
  • Warehousing / fulfillment
  • Domestic Shipping
  • Container Load, LCL
  •  Inventory management, EDI

Small Business

  • Internet & phone services recommendations.  How to save big money while sounding like a big company.
  • Web design
  • New Product Marketing Strategy
  • Starting your small business while still working your day job
  • Hiring commission only /independent sales representatives

Consultation Package:  Payable on deliverables

A full service evaluation covering all aspects of product life cycle from concept to market, taking into consideration the requests and unique requirements of each client.  Upon completion of consultation and further evaluation, a detailed report outlining our recommended step-by-step plan will be presented.  In addition, this package includes unlimited email questions and one hour phone consultations for each month of the project.  Let us coach you as you proceed with our strategies and move from idea to profitability.

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